The Youtube links below is an easy way to see the equipment in action that Creative Turning is selling. The videos are a selection from the OEM suppliers, demonstrations by well known turners as well as videos made by Creative Turning. Most of the links can also be reached from the individual equipment in the Creative Turning Shop but here you can conveniently reach it from one place.

Creative Turning Youtube links

Creative Turning Youtube Channel : CTYoutube

 - Simon Hope 10mm Carbide Cutter for endgrain hollowing : SH10mm

 - Introducing the Creative Turning CT200VS-1 Variable speed lathe : CT200VS-1


Simon Hope Youtube Links

- Simon Hope Pro Sander : SHProsYoutube

- Simon Hope Sanding Arbors : SHSarYoutube

- Simon Hope Thread Cutting Jig_1 : SHThr1Youtube

- Simon Hope Thread Cutting Jig_2 : SHThr2Youtube

- Simon Hope Coloured Grub Screw Handles : SHCGYoutube

- Simon Hope Easy arm hollowing rig: SHEHRYoutube

- Simon Hope 8mm Box Hollowing : SHBHYoutube

Hamlet Youtube Links

- Hamlet Decorating Elf (Nick Agar) : HDecYoutube

- Hamlet Little Sister Hollowing : HLSYoutube

- Hamlet Big Brother Hollowing : HBBYoutube

Vicmarc Youtube links

- Vimarc Chucks VM100 and VM120 : VMchuckYoutube

- Vicmarc Shark Jaws : VMSharkYoutube

- Vicmarc Dovetail Jaws for VM100 : VMDT1Youtube

- Vicmarc Dovetail Jaws for VM 120 : VMDT2Youtube

- Vicmarc Longnose Jaws: VMLNYoutube

Chroma-Craft Youtube Links

- Nick Agar Chroma-Craft Stencil Video: Stencil Video