The items shown in this section are all Gallery pieces but some of them are still available for sale. Please contact me if you are interested in specific items.

New World Series

The theme at the South African Woodworkers Symposium in 2016 was " An Enhanced Sphere". My entry of "New World: Symphony" was awarded first price. I then decided to continue with a "New World" series. In 2017 I produced the next one in the series and named it "New World: Revolution". I am working on some ideas for the 2018 addition to the series, so let's see what materialises.

New World Symphony

Mullberry Burl with Wild olive Base


New World Revolution

Mullberry Burl



Hollow Forms

Clinging to Life

Hairy Finger

The Better Half

Skunkbush (SOLD)


Broken Earth

Hairy Finger (SOLD)



Wild Olive (SOLD)



Wild Olive


Oak (SOLD)


Hairy Finger (SOLD)



Life within

Indian Mahogany (SOLD)



Bergkaree (SOLD)


Serenity pot

Red Currant burl (SOLD)


Unknown (SOLD)







Natural Edge

Painted Feathers

Skunkbush Burl


Burnt Remains

Red Currant Burl (SOLD)


Broken Perfection

Red Currant root burl





Silky Colours

Mullberry Burl (SOLD)




Oak (SOLD)


Square Platter

European Ash with Milkpaint