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Creative Turning CBN wheels 180 grit, 1.5inch wide

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Boron Nitride has almost the hardness as diamonds. Cubic Boron Nitride Grinding wheels (CBN wheels) are suitable for grinding HSS, Kryo treated HSS and M42 steel. With little pressure exercised during the grinding process as well as the Aluminium wheel conducting the heat away, very little heat is generated during the sharpening process. This stops the turning chisels from overheating and maintaining the hardness of the chisels.

Another advantage is that the surface of the wheel remains flat, so no dressing is required. The wheels are balanced so they run very smooth without vibration. They are 1.5 inch wide, allowing enough grinding surface for safe operation, with coating on the side of the wheels.

180 grit is the best allround choice for raising a burr on scrapers and also leaves a very sharp edge on other chisels.

150 and 200mm options are available with an insert required for the shaft thickness of your grinder.