Instructions and Youtube videos



The links below is a convenient way to reach the instructions of Creative Turning equipment as well as the instructions of other OEM manufacturers from one convenient place.


PDF Instructions

- Creative Turning Sharpening Options

- Creative Turning Sharpening Jig with Platform (CTGJ1)

- Creative Turning Fingernail Grinding Jig (CTFJ1)

- Creative Turning Fingernail Template Instructions for setting leg- and bevel angles

- Creative Turning Recommended angles for Spindle- and Bowl gouges

- Creative Turning Platform Templates for setting angles on a grinding platform

Lathes and Chucks

 - Vimarc Chucks VM100 and VM120 : VMchuckYoutube

- Vicmarc Shark Jaws : VMSharkYoutube

- Vicmarc Dovetail Jaws for VM100 : VMDT1Youtube

- Vicmarc Dovetail Jaws for VM 120 : VMDT2Youtube

- Vicmarc Longnose Jaws: VMLNYoutube





Pepper Mill Instructions

- Creative Turning Drilling sizes for Peppermill Mechanisms


Youtube Videos

 - Simon Hope Pro Sander Video_1

- Simon Hope Pro Sander Video_2

- Simon Hope Drum and Disc Sander


PDF Instructions

- Simon Hope Hollowing Jig

- Simon Hope Laser Set-up 

- Simon Hope Camera Set-up

- Simon Hope Hollow Form Reversing Tool

- Simon Hope 12mm HSS cutter sharpening instructions

Youtube Videos

- Simon Hope Hollowing Jig Video

- Simon Hope 8mm Box Hollowing : SHBHYoutube

- Hamlet Little Sister Hollowing : HLSYoutube

- Hamlet Big Brother Hollowing : HBBYoutube

Thread Cutting

PDF Instructions

- Simon Hope Threading Jig Instructions

Youtube Videos

- Simon Hope Thread Cutting Jig_1 : SHThr1Youtube

- Simon Hope Thread Cutting Jig_2 : SHThr2Youtube

Multi Handles

Youtube Videos

- Simon Hope Coloured Grub Screw Handles : SHCGYoutube


- Hamlet Decorating Elf (Nick Agar) : HDecYoutube

- Nick Agar Chroma-Craft Stencil Video: Stencil Video

Negative Rake Scrapers

 Simon Hope Negative Rake Scrapers Instructions

Detail Tool

 Simon Hope Detail Tool

Hamlet KRYO Steel

 Advantages of Hamlet Kryo tools