Instructions and Youtube videos



The links below is a convenient way to reach the instructions of Creative Turning equipment as well as the instructions of other OEM manufacturers from one convenient place.


PDF Instructions

- Creative Turning Sharpening Options

- Creative Turning Sharpening Jig with Platform (CTGJ1)

- Creative Turning Fingernail Grinding Jig (CTFJ1)

- Creative Turning Fingernail Template Instructions for setting leg- and bevel angles

- Creative Turning Recommended angles for Spindle- and Bowl gouges

- Creative Turning Platform Templates for setting angles on a grinding platform

- Craft Supplies Mounting and balancing a grinding wheel

Lathes and Chucks

 - Vimarc Chucks VM100 and VM120 : VMchuckYoutube

- Vicmarc Shark Jaws : VMSharkYoutube

- Vicmarc Dovetail Jaws for VM100 : VMDT1Youtube

- Vicmarc Dovetail Jaws for VM 120 : VMDT2Youtube

- Vicmarc Longnose Jaws: VMLNYoutube

- Creative Turning Longworth Chuck Instructions





Pepper Mill Instructions

- Creative Turning Drilling sizes for Peppermill Mechanisms

- Creative Turning: How to turn a peppermill


Youtube Videos

 - Simon Hope Pro Sander Video_1

- Simon Hope Pro Sander Video_2

- Simon Hope Drum and Disc Sander


PDF Instructions

- Simon Hope Hollowing Jig

- Simon Hope Laser Set-up 

- Simon Hope Camera Set-up

- Simon Hope Hollow Form Reversing Tool

- Simon Hope 12mm HSS cutter sharpening instructions

Youtube Videos

- Simon Hope Hollowing Jig Video

- Simon Hope 8mm Box Hollowing : SHBHYoutube

- Hamlet Little Sister Hollowing : HLSYoutube

- Hamlet Big Brother Hollowing : HBBYoutube

Thread Cutting Simon Hope

PDF Instructions

- Simon Hope Threading Jig Instructions

Youtube Videos

- Simon Hope Thread Cutting Jig_1 : SHThr1Youtube

- Simon Hope Thread Cutting Jig_2 : SHThr2Youtube

Thread Cutting Creative Turning

PDF Instructions

- Creative Turning Threading Jig

Multi Handles

Youtube Videos

- Simon Hope Coloured Grub Screw Handles : SHCGYoutube


- Hamlet Decorating Elf (Nick Agar) : HDecYoutube

- Nick Agar Chroma-Craft Stencil Video: Stencil Video

-Simon Hope Texturing Tools: Texturing

Negative Rake Scrapers

 Simon Hope Negative Rake Scrapers Instructions

Detail Tool

 Simon Hope Detail Tool

Hamlet KRYO Steel

 Advantages of Hamlet Kryo tools

Creative Turning Carbide Tip Tools

Tool selection

Sphere Turning Jig

Video of Paul Howard's Sphere Turning Jig