Chucks and Jaws

Creative Turning is offering the well known Australian designed and manufactured Vicmarc chucks which are world wide recognised as some of the best chucks around. The VM100 chucks are well suited for small, medium and large items. The VM120 is recommended for large and extra large items and suitable for larger lathes.

See for more details.

Creative Turning also offers two of its own brand of chucks and jaws which are sourced from the same high quality OEM supplier as the lathes. The chucks and jaws are fully compatible with that of Nova, Record and Robert Sorby.

- The first is the CT3.75 range of direct threaded chucks offered with M33x3.5, 1.1/4"x8 and 1"x8tpi threads.

- The second is CT-SN2 and CT-G3 range of chucks which are identical in all aspects to Nova chucks. They are also offered as direct threaded with M33x3.5, 1.1/4"x8 and 1"x8tpi threads.