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Creative Turning HG Sanding Mesh 115mm wide, 500mm long.

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The Creative Turning HG Mesh is an aluminum oxide impregnated screen cloth with Hook and Loop attachment. This is ideal for attaching directly to the Simon Hope Sanding Arbors. The screen cloth allows dust to be vacuumed through the abrasive discs or sheets, to maximize the dust collection. Because of its design the Creative Turning HG Mesh minimizes loading, it is heat resistant, and can be used on wet or dry applications. Outlasts and outperforms paper backed abrasives.

The Creative Turning HG Mesh can be cut into discs which sticks directly onto the Simon Hope Sanding Arbors. The 115mm wide strips ensures minimum wastage as 2 x47mm or a 72m and 36mm discs can be cut next to each other on the 115mm wide strip. These discs are the standard sizes of the Simon Hope sanding arbors. 

 Available grits from 80 to 600