Simon Hope

Simon Hope 400mm Straight hollowing with 10mm Carbide cutter

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Product information "Hope Carbide 10 mm Straight Tool"

Large set, 400mm long with a 10mm cutter . Fits quick release handle with 9.8mm collet and any grub screw with a 10mm hole. For large boxes and medium to large open end grain work. Also works on side grain.

Hope square bar, carbide tipped, end grain cutting tools. Similar to other carbide cutting tools, but at a fraction of the price!

These cut like a dream in end grain!

10mm carbide tool.

Great for Medium to larger sized end grain work.

The end is double machined to fit any HOPE quick release handle or a 10 mm or 13mm grub screw handle. Or turn your own wooden handle.

The cutter is 10mm dia and the shaft is 400mm from end to end.

Torx key is included.