Abranet Sanding Paper 115mm wide (0.5m)

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The Abranet sanding paper can be cut into discs which sticks directly onto the Simon Hope Sanding Arbors. The 115mm wide strips ensures minimum wastage as 2 x47mm or a 72m with 2x36mm discs can be cut next to each other on the 115mm wide strip. These discs are the standard sizes of the Simon Hope sanding arbors. 

With Abranet, Mirka has succeeded in something where many others have previously failed – to develop a completely even sanding net. Its thousands of holes provide phenomenal dust extraction. The maximum distance from each sanding particle to the closest dust extraction hole is just 0.5 mm. This clever structure provides many advantages.

Using Abranet, dust is removed from the space between the abrasive and the sanded surface, which means that the abrasive grains are cutting the surface more efficiently.

Because the dust is being continuously sucked away, sanding is virtually dust-free. Keeping the abrasive and the sanding surface constantly dust-free extends the lifespan of the abrasive. Since the abrasive maintains its aggressive properties over the entire surface, sanding becomes more even and efficient, improving the quality of work. Since you can always see what is being sanded, you gain excellent control over the work to avoid over-sanding, for example.

Abranet solves many dull problems, such as the formation of so-called dust pills and clogging. Because dust no longer collects in lumps on the sanding discs to the same extent as before, there is no danger of sanded dust building up and creating grooves on the sanding surface, or filling up the disc and thus reducing its sanding capacity.