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Andrew Stevens Nonsuch Woodware Beeswax Polish (250ml)

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Nonsuch Woodware Beeswax Polish has been developed over a period of 25 years by the well know turner Andrew Stevens. See his description below on what makes this Polish unique in the market.

Nonsuch woodware Beeswax Polish is a blend of four different oils and four different waxes, all of which are of the highest quality and considered food safe. I have arrived at the proportions over a period of around twenty-five years of experimentation and the process continues as new ingredients come onto the market. The one constant ingredient is beeswax which I source ‘raw’ as it contains more ‘sticky’ qualities than refined beeswax. The product is especially suited to turned woodware, particularly those used in the preparation of food. It provides a lustrous finish and is best applied with a cloth and some friction on the lathe. This forces the oil/wax blend into the wood and provides a semi-durable finish. Like all oil or wax finishes, it will need to be re-applied from time to time. If the product is not used constantly, it may develop a skin on the surface. This is the natural drying process of the Tung oil (one of the ingredients) and can be simply peeled off the surface of the product, exposing the softer material below. Used sparingly, one 250ml tub should provide sufficient finish for many dozens of bowls and turned pieces. It can also be used as a furniture polish and as a final coating over any varnish or sealer.