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Creative Turning Hollowing System

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The Creative Turning hollowing rig is ideally suited for making small to medium hollow forms. The center height is adjustable to fit lathes with a spindle height from 100mm to 250mm.

12mm hollowing bars can be used as standard and 10mm bars should be used with the supplied bushing.

It is manufactured from stainless steel, aluminum alloy and cast iron which makes the product very rigid and easy to use. The joints are fitted with bronze washers for smooth movement to ensure good tool control and delicate cuts.

A laser wall thickness measurement is included as standard with the product.

Hollowing bars that can be used with the Creative Turning Hollowing Rig is:

- Creative Turning Hollowing bars: CT_C9009, CT_C9010 and CT_9011.

- Simon Hope 6mm Carbide Cutters on a 10mm bar, 6mmSSC and 6mmSCH

- Hamlet Little Sister, Cutter and Cover on a Tapered bar. It comes standard with a 12.7mm bar which are turned down to 12mm when ordered for the Creative Turning Hollowing Rig.