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Creative Turning Pro Series Cryogenic M2 HSS 6 Piece Large Turning Set

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This 6 piece turning set is part of the Creative Turning Pro Series of Turning Tools.

The tools are made from M2 High Speed Steel (HSS) which has been Cryogenically treated. This treatment changes the structure of the steel which gives it additional wear resistance and better edge holding capability. It holds the edge 2 to 3 times longer than standard M2 HSS.

The handles are from European hardwood which with a stainless steel ferrule securing the tool in the handle. It is a 'Large' turning set as the tools are a full size size which is perfectly suited for Midi and Full size lathes.

The set consists of the six basic tools needed for spindle and bowl turning and consist of:

- 12mm Bowl Gouge

- 28mm Roughing Gouge

- 19mm Oval Skew

- 19mm Diamond Parting Tool (4mm thick)

- 19mm Straight Nose Scraper

- 12mm Spindle Gouge

All tools have blade lengths of 160 to 220mm with the length of the handles at 310mm