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Creative Turning SN2 4inch 4 jaw key chuck reversable direct threaded

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Main Features:

* The Creative Turning SN2 chuck has exactly the same quality level as the Nova SN2 chucks

* Compatible with Nova and Record chucks

* Direct Threaded options:

        - M33x3.5

        - 1inch x 8tpi

        - 1.1/4inch x 8tpi


* Powerful and quick-lock geared action

* Composite indexing backing plate

* Excellence Woodturning profile on Jaws to cut into and grip wood-fibers firmly

* Precision machined from solid steel

* 4-Jaws Lock down solidly

* Recommended for power workholding on lathes from 350mm (14”) to 508mm (20”) diameter



1 x SN2 Chuck 1”x8tpi  or M33x3.5 direct threaded body;

1 x T bar Handle

1 x Standard Nova compatible 50mm Jaws

1 x Wood Screw

8 x  Fixing Screws

2 x HEX Keys