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Paul Howard fluting jig

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Paul Howard's fluting jig.

Height-adjustable fluting jig for processing surfaces in long and cross timber. Due to the numerous setting options, the jig can be adapted to almost any workpiece. The jig can be used to make decorative millings, bores, and fluting in bowls, balusters, columns, table legs, boxes, spheres, and other turning work. The device is guided by hand over a plate fixed to the bench bed.

A router is not included with the device.

Routers with a clamping neck diameter of 65 mm and 43 mm can be mounted in the holder of the device. Drills, straight grinders, or similar tools with a clamping collar of 65 mm or 43 mm can also be attached to the milling device. 

The jig is positioned with the clamped router in such a way that the guide bush touches the workpiece. In order to carry out the milling at the desired position, the apparatus is moved accordingly.

When using this device, wearing face and eye protection and suitable protective clothing is necessary. It is also important to ensure that no cables are pinched between the jig and the bench bed.

The jigis equipped with a spacer for limiting the depth of the cutter. The distance set by the spacer allows for consistent depth when working with the router.

There is also fine adjustment up and down possible by a threaded rise and fall lead screw.