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Simon Hope Sanding Arbors

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Product information "Hope Hex Sanding Arbors"

Heavy-duty arbors made from the best materials for the job and build to last!



  • Heavy duty 8mm hex shaft for excellent grip in a drill chuck.
  • Replaceable front neoprene pads saving ££££'s if worn (This unique design from hopewoodturning means that arbors can last for years with only the front pad needing replaced if worn.)
  •  Arbors sizes are, 72mm, 47mm, and 36mm. They are slightly undersize allowing pre-cut discs to overlap slightly. This protects the edge of the pads and stops black marks by catching the edge!

These arbors do not fit the Starter- and Complete Pro Sander Kits (PSSK1 and PSCK3) and are meant for power sanding.

See the demonstration of Simon Hope on how to use these sanding arbors.