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Simon Hope threading jig

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Its called the easy-set threading jig because the depth cut is done by twisting the outer (silver round handle) clockwise to push the main body into the cut.  The handle has an internal click system so 9 twist clicks gives you the depth for the 12 tpi , 7 twist clicks gives you the depth for the 14 tpi,   5 twist clicks gives you the depth for the 16 tpi and 3 twist clicks give to the depth for the 20 tpi.   The handle on the back gives a 6" swing so you can rotate under control easily.

 The 20, 16 ,14 and 12 tpi parts are machined with the front thread out of one piece. This gives ultimate accuracy unlike systems where the thread adapters have to be attached to a common holder . 

Simon Hope threading jig comes standard with a 16tpi spindle thread.

Chuck threads available:

  • 1"x8tpi
  • 1.1/4"x8tpi
  • M33x3,5mm

Stem sizes available:

  • 5/8"
  • 1"

Thread cutter is included and options available are:

Hinge plate (Recommended as standard)

2MT cutter holder with draw bar

Spindles with 12tpi

Spare Thread cutters are also available